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Research and development at the TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary. In textile technology, fashion business and design, our experts conduct research on a wide range of topics in areas such as sustainability, digitalization, health and mobility.

We cooperate successfully both nationally and internationally with renowned partners. Our research partners are large companies as well as small start-ups, other universities and institutes or non-governmental organizations.

Main research areas


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the IMAT teaching and research centre at the TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles! This is where innovative materials, pioneering processes and revolutionary products are created that not only exist passively, but actively interact with their users.


Sustainability is a top priority at at the TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles! The sustainability laboratory is a central information and coordination centre as well as a research platform on the subject of sustainability and recycling in the textile chain.


Our research in the field of nonwoven technology opens doors to innovative applications for nonwovens in the wet and dry nonwoven sector that go far beyond conventional materials.

Research activities and projects

National and international projects in the context of future-oriented education, innovative technologies, innovative design, interdisciplinarity, sustainability: an overview of the entire research spectrum of the TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles.

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Of course, the Texoversum has extensive laboratories covering all aspects of the textile chain and beyond, where not only teaching but also research is carried out. Here is an insight

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The scientists at ESB Business School publish their research results in renowned publications on a national and international level.




As a member of the Baden-WĂĽrttemberg Doctoral Association, Reutlingen University has been authorised to guide doctoral students to a doctorate since autumn 2022. Since then, graduates with a passion for research have been able to obtain their doctorate under the supervision of professors with a strong research background. In addition, there are still opportunities for cooperative doctorates at various universities in Germany and abroad as well as in the form of collaborations between professors at the faculty and universities.

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Become a part of our research team

Permanent positions, research stays, internships - we are constantly looking for strong research reinforcement. For further information, take a look at our current job advertisements.


Become a part of our research team

Permanent position

We are constantly looking for strong research colleagues and qualified staff for the research area. For further information, take a look at our current job advertisements.


Research stays and internships

You are a scientist looking for a new challenge? You are still studying for a Master's degree and would like to join a research project or complete an internship in a different team, a different country or even on a different continent? You would also like to work in an innovative research facility in one of the strongest economic regions in Europe? Then get in touch with us!


Student part-time job

Are you already enrolled as a student and would like to work on a part-time basis on exciting research projects? Then get in touch with us!


We are already looking forward to welcoming you to our School.

Reutlingen Research Institute

The Reutlingen Research Institute (RRI) is a central service facility of Reutlingen University. It serves to support and develop all activities in the field of research and development.

Reutlingen Research Institute

As a strong research university, we are a member of the EUA, the European University Association.

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