Sustainability lab

The sustainability lab at the TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles is a central information and coordination centre, as well as a research platform on the subject of sustainability and recycling in the textile chain.



The new sustainability lab is 

  • Contact point for the topic of sustainability
  • Interface between teaching, research and practice, as well as education and training
  • Internal and external communication and coordination centre 

Tasks are

  • Research, counselling and education on the topic of sustainability and recycling
  • Counselling and support for students on the topic of sustainability
  • Coordinating and supporting sustainability activities and integrating the topic of sustainability into teaching and research
  • Networking and cooperation with internal stakeholders at the university
  • Networking and cooperation with external stakeholders (industry, associations, universities, schools, politics)
  • Organisation of training / seminar and further education events for students, pupils, companies, institutions and the public


  • Coordination of the sustainability working group
  • Supervision of theses and research work
  • Establishing co-operations with institutions and industrial companies
  • Development of a contact and topic exchange (information, research and thesis topics)
  • Development of a specialist and information collection
  • Organisation of lecture series
  • Planning and preparation of seminar events (in cooperation with the Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg, SEZ)
  • Development of a "Fair Fashion Guide" as a partner of Future Fashion /SEZ
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/CHIm0iBn_sk/
  • https://www.futurefashion.de
  • Co-operation with the Klimaarena Sinsheim (Klimatalk)
  • Background research, expert advice for the press, radio and TV
  • Advice and involvement in science and consumer programmes

Research projects

Our projects are designed to promote environmentally friendly practices in the textile industry and have a positive impact on the world around us. Here is an insight into our projects

All research projects




From seed to shirt - textile process chain from southern Germany: textile fibres are to be obtained from the native plants flax and hemp, which, depending on their properties, are used in various areas from insulation materials to yarns for outerwear.



From fibre to fibre - "DiTex" tests high-quality textile recycling: discarded clothing and other textiles, such as bed linen, are used as raw materials to produce fibres for new textiles of the same quality. In this way, resources can be conserved and productivity increased.



Development of a product cycle process for recycling clothing: our task was to classify all synthetic materials in terms of their recyclability. A standardised analysis process is then developed so that it is possible to identify the exact composition of materials and clothing.



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Head of Research Focus Sustainability & Recycling

Contact for internal and external inquiries on the topic of sustainability in the textile industry

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Research Associate
Department of Textile Technology and Sustainability