Fibre and Yarn Technology Lab

In fibre and yarn technology, practice is an important component of teaching alongside theory. This is ideally realised at the university through the fibre and yarn technology laboratory. Here, knowledge is combined with hands-on experience.

Hands-on technology ideally supports the theoretical lectures on process engineering in yarn and nonwoven production. The technological understanding of the interrelationships between the process parameters is deepened with the use of electronic measuring devices.

The laboratory for fibre and yarn technology is used in the form of group practicals or individual project work in the field of textile technology and design as well as for research work, depending on the course of study.

Technical equipment

The following procedures are shown

  • 4 short staple spinning processes (ring, compact, rotor und airjet) 
  • Long staple spinning
  • Dry- and wet-laid nonwoven technology on production machines
  • Twisting, combination yarn technologies and braiding techniques supported by laboratory measurement technology, demonstration models and fabric samples

Depending on the study programme, the laboratory is used for group practicals or individual project work as well as for individual project work, research work, Bachelor's and Master's theses.

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Professorship of Fibre, Yarn and Nonwoven Technology


Fibre and yarn technology & knitting technology Department


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Fibre and Yarn Technology Lab

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