Interdisciplinary Product Development MSc

Different disciplines - common projects

Interdisciplinary Product Development runs for 3 semesters and leads to a Master of Science. Due to increasing global activities in the field of research the standard of knowledge is growing. Subsequently the need of specialists in single subjects areas is growing too.

Aim of this master is to interface the subject areas in Industrial Design, Textile Technology, Engineering, Chemistry and Informatics.

Admission requirements: German proficiency test / University Degree in Textile Engineering, Fashion Business/Economics. Your final grades obtained abroad must be converted in advance to the German grading system by recognised bodies (Ausländerstudiengkolleg Konstanz).

  • Practice orientated
    Students learn how to solve demanding tasks and their pracical implementation

  • Interdisciplinary
    Experts from different disciplines meet the challenges arising from a common project

  • Free-thinking
    Each expert can contribute his proposal to achieve the overall result


Application and Requirements

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