Textile Finishing Lab

Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing and coating - in the finishing laboratories, the various process stages and techniques of textile finishing can be carried out on laboratory and technical centre machines. Laboratory padders, laboratory jiggers, laboratory stenter frames, laboratory dyeing equipment and a jet dyeing machine for carrying out continuous and discontinuous processes are available for pre-treatment, bleaching, dyeing and finishing. The laboratories for characterising finishing effects, colour, whiteness and chemical material properties are also well equipped.

Technical equipment

All procedures are shown with

  • Chemical laboratory
  • Various dyeing apparatuses/machines for pretreating, finishing and dyeing textiles
  • Foulard and stenter frames for finishing and coating textile surfaces
  • Units for doctor blade application
  • Pleating cabinet for fixing pleats
  • Jet dyeing machine LAB-PRO, pilot plant scale
  • Filament sizing machine, Benninger, production scale
  • Washing machines, tumble dryer
  • Datacolor photospectrometer for colourimetric determination, whiteness measurement and formulation
  • UV-Vis spectrometer

Depending on the study programme, the laboratory is used for group practicals or individual project work as well as for individual project work, research work, Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Contact persons


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Professorship Surface Modification & Finishing

Vice Dean Research

Head of the Teaching and Research Centre for Interactive Materials (IMAT)

Textile finishing / textile printing Departement


Building 1

Labor Textilveredlung/

Textile Finishing Lab