Dry-Laid-Nonwoven Technology

In the dry-laid nonwoven technical centre, fibre bales can be broken up and laid into a fibre pile using carding. The fibre pile can be doubled using the cross lapper and then bonded into a nonwoven by needling. The nonwovens are suitable, for example, for applications in acoustic insulation, semi-finished products in lightweight structural construction and in filtration.

The dry-laid nonwoven technology lab also offers the possibility of fibre processing by recovering recycled textiles, cutting and grinding fibres and opening wool flakes.

Depending on the study programme, the laboratory is used in the form of group practicals or individual project work as well as for individual project work, research work, Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Technical equipment

  • Mixed bale opener
  • Carding machine
  • compensating stacker
  • Dilo needling system OUG
  • La Roche  flake opener
  • Pierret cutting system
  • Temafa card grinder
  • Ramella laboratory card
  • Grinding unit

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Professorship of Fibre, Yarn and Nonwoven Technology



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Labor Trockenvliesstofftechnologie/

Dry-Laid-Nonwoven Technology