Sewing & CAD Lab

The sewing laboratory is equipped with numerous devices such as sewing machines, welding machines, cutting machines and ironing tables, which are also used in the industry. Typically, various steps of the production process are carried out in order to produce high-quality and standardised garments. The knowledge acquired in the lectures is deepened during practical training, and individual student projects such as final theses can be worked on independently.

The adjoining CAD laboratory enables students to digitally construct the patterns of the designed models and to model them as 3D images. Modern software programmes such as CLO3D, V-Stitcher, Vidya or Optitex are taught for this purpose.

In addition, embroidery patterns can be designed, digitised (punched) and embroidered on a wide variety of materials using a single-head embroidery machine. In addition to fashion accessories, technical applications are also realised.

Technical equipment

The sewing laboratory is equipped with a wide range of industrial machines:

  • Double lockstitch sewing machines and leather sewing machines
  • Overlock machines, various types
  • Cover chain stitch with special functions, e.g. with binding tape or for processing knitted fabrics
  • Buttonhole machines
  • Double chainstitch machines
  • Tailor's dummies
  • Professional ironing systems and fixing press
  • Basic pattern library
  • 3D scanner
  • Cutter
  • Embroidery lab
  • Ultrasonic welding machine

Depending on the study programme, the laboratory is used for group practicals or individual project work as well as for individual project work, research work, Bachelor's and Master's theses.

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