The TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles has a wealth of experience and numerous experts in the field of textile technology. We have set up special professorships for the individual areas in order to be able to offer teaching, research and development at the highest level.

Textile engineers, natural scientists and chemists concentrate on the interests of textile production and development. This includes fibre, yarn and nonwoven technology, weaving technology and our specialists in knitting technology and knitted fabrics.

Experts in clothing technology and CAD take care of production sequences and manufacturing processes. We have specialists in Advanced Textile Materials and Surface Modification & Finishing. The latest technologies are covered by professorships in Printing & Material Research and Smart Textiles Electronics.

Other key topics include material testing and quality management. A professorship in Mathematics & Physics, which is specifically geared towards textile requirements, provides the relevant scientific foundations. The area of sustainability and recycling deals primarily with the ecological aspects of the textile industry from a textile technology perspective.