Knitting Technology Lab

The Knitting Technology Laboratory is equipped with the most important stitch-forming machines for the production of weft and warp knitted fabrics.

The basics begin on the hand flat knitting machines, continue with the mechanically controlled machines and end with the latest electronic machines, which are generously made available to us by our industrial partners.    

Students have the opportunity to learn computer-aided pattern programming with the CAD systems and to realise their designs on the knitting machines.

Depending on the study programme, the knitting laboratory is used in the form of group practicals or individual project work in the field of textile technology and design. The practical training, which is very important for the industry, is ideally guaranteed by the laboratory.


Technical equipment

All procedures are shown with

  • Weft and warp knitting technology
  • Flat bed knitting machines
  • Industrial circular knitting machines
  • Warp knitting machines
  • Hosiery machines
  • Crochet gallon machine
  • Straight bar fully-fashioned knitting frame with united needles
  • Loop wheel machines with united needles

Depending on the study programme, the laboratory is used for group practicals or individual project work as well as for individual project work, research work, Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Contact persons


Contact persons

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Chair of Knitting Technology

Head of Internship Office Textile Technology - Textile Management


Fibre and yarn technology & knitting technology Department


Building 1

Labor Maschentechnologie/

Knitting Technology Lab

1-029 Circular and warp knitting technology

1-030 Flat bed knitting and hosiery knitting technology

1-124 Pattern preparation/ CAD knitting