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Discover innovative textile research projects for a sustainable future! Our research endeavours combine cutting-edge technologies and traditional craftsmanship to develop ground-breaking solutions for the textile-based industry. From smart fabrics to eco-friendly fibres, immerse yourself in the world of our pioneering projects that are redefining the boundaries of textile technology. Learn more about our visionary approaches and how they are revolutionising the industry. Your future, woven from innovation and sustainability, starts here.

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Recording and classification of in-house textile remnants. Evaluation of reutilisation and recycling options. Recommendation on potential uses and, if necessary, recycling concepts.


The aim of the research project is to develop innovative piezo-electric multi-component yarns with a movable core-sheath structure and thus increased flexibility, resistance and reliability for sensory textile materials. In contrast to previous research endeavours to produce piezo yarns with a concentric structure, these should have a particularly high textile (flexible and pliable) character and be able to be further processed into textile surfaces. To this end, the yarns based on the piezoelectric polymer polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) are to be produced for the first time using a combination of different braiding processes instead of the bicomponent melt spinning process. The piezo yarns are to be evaluated in functional samples with regard to their applicability.


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Head of the Teaching and Research Centre for Interactive Materials (IMAT)