From seed to shirt - textile process chain from southern Germany 


It's almost like a fairy tale where straw is spun into gold: Textile fibres are to be obtained from the local plants flax and hemp, which, depending on their properties, can be used in various areas from insulation materials to yarns for outerwear. The ultra-modern, globally unique steam explosion research facility of the start-up Fibers365 from Lenningen plays a central role in the necessary process innovation. The TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles is providing scientific support for the project, assisting with product development and contributing its expertise in textile technology. The many years of experience in natural fibre production and processing pooled in our sustainability laboratory are being incorporated here.

A feasibility study lasting several months examines the entire process chain, from agriculture and fibre processing through to the manufacture of marketable products. The fibre plants grown in the region, flax and hemp, are used as the starting material. The harvested stalks are separated into their individual components using the steam explosion process and processed further on an industrial scale. The process requires no chemicals, uses only water and pressure and is very economical.

The textile preliminary and end products to be developed will be extremely interesting: Nonwoven-based applications are conceivable in areas such as packaging, automotive or geotextiles used as building materials. Depending on the fibre quality, it could even be used to produce yarns for woven and knitted goods such as outerwear.

In Baden-Württemberg, the regional value creation of the traditional textile industry is to be revitalised.

The TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles at Reutlingen University is an applicant for the "FLAX365" project together with Fibers365 GmbH Lenningen. Various companies and service providers from the textile and nonwovens industry are also involved in the project.


Industrial partner:             Fibers365 GmbH

Project duration:                01.08.2022-31.07.2024




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