XR Lab / Thinktank

In the XR lab, students work with extended reality. This means they use various IT equipment to immerse themselves in the digital world, merge it with the surrounding reality and link other sensory perceptions, such as the haptic sense, with the digital forms of representation. VR collaboration sessions will also be used for this purpose, which will take place regardless of location.

The THINKTANK, the so-called 'think tank', offers space for creative workshops to work on future-oriented topics.

Technical equipment

  • VR workstations
  • MR workstations
  • XR studio / Greenbox / Spectatorview
  • Motion Capturing
  • Haptic gloves
  • Mobile large touch display
  • Mobile LED wall
  • Flexible partition wall
  • Mobile board
  • Free-hanging network cubes enable the free positioning of work islands

Contact persons


Contact persons

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Professorship of Form Design & Digital Design

  • Dean of Studies Master Design (all specialisations)



Building 30 Texoversum

XR Lab/


Floor 1.5