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Transportation Interior Design B.A.

The Bachelor Programme Transportation Interior Design (BA) allows students to acquire core competencies in style, color and trim, and 3-dimensional-visualization. After completing the programme, students are able to present complex sets of creative factors and functional requirements which  influence interior design and will be able to successfully implement their findings in realistic settings.          

Requirements for students are well-developed drawing skills and creative potentials, a good sense of shapes and colors and a curiosity for technic. They need to be prepared to meet the challenges arising from the complex requirements of designing transportation interiors.

The degree programme is truly interdisciplinary and generates both the development of innovative design approaches and the recognition of current trends. Therefore, it comprises of important components like analyzing market demands, customers’ requirements, learning to account for technical and ergonomic constraints, the analysis of shapes and materials, a comprehensive training in good craftsmanship,  and the use of digital tools and design methods.

The intention is to develop many different competencies needed for the design process in transportation interior like: research, design aesthetical, technical, colors and materials, and 3-D competencies.

The main target is to develop an aesthetical competence and an understanding of the design process combined with creativity and displaying capabilities. At the end, a 3-D design is generated. Then, skills like clay modelling and digital design are applied.

The uniqueness and importance of this program is the combination of these 3-D-competencies with a founded color and trim competence. Color and material competencies have two directions: one is design and styling, while the second is to gain some technical basics of colors and materials.

The Programme is entirely taught in German for degree seeking students.


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